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Christian Louboutin outlet - Christian Louboutin history

Christian Louboutin was born in 1963 in a worker's family in Paris, all the brilliant began with specific experiences as a child. He once stopped by the Museum of Oceanic Art in Paris, sees a significant set of icons in front, a cone-shaped heels were crossed out by two rows of thick lines, told visiting women's "friendly" Pavilion inside the carved wooden floors. Look at that Nice pair of high heels, 13 years old, he became obsessed with, as if for the first time discover that shoes can be so beautiful. At that time Paris was in a period of economic recovery, a materialistic, peacefulness of the scene, Christian Louboutin resist temptation of sensual pleasures, often went to Paris at The Palace's most famous nightclub play, he was only 14 years old. Here he recognizes what is fashionable, let his passion for stage performances and dancing girls is increasing, even giving up his studies, every day into the nightclub, while doing all the chores while seeking to design developments and shoemaking was his breakthrough. "Those dancing girls, shoes are the most important as well as comfortable, but also very beautiful, sexy, to note at a glance. I at that time was simple, is to make these girls put on by myself, than their feet more comfortable, a beautiful pair of shoes. ”

At the age of 16, Christian Louboutin made his first pair of shoes, sell everywhere, but those dancers do not believe him, after all, he realized he had to go through professional training. Thus, in 1981, under the friend's introduction, first in Follies Bergeres as an apprentice and prestigious brand Charles Jourdan at that time systematically studying footwear technology, improve the lack of himself in the process. Gifts + ideas + confidence, Christian Louboutin will soon emerge in the industry. But at that time he founded his own brand of ideas, is not willing to join any group, to free workers who worked at Chanel, YSL-independent cobbler.

In 1988, Christian Louboutin are friends talk and joined the Dior company specializes in legendary shoe company Roger Vivier, after the master's advice, his shoe tips and flew into a altitude, quickly became a household word.

Full-fledged Christian Louboutin and finally in 1992 to start his own brand, he put together colorful and exotic in high heels, was called by the media "the best independent of the mainstream", a debut-watched.

Many people think that "red shoes" was his signature, but it's not. At first he did not think red soles, but every time when designing shoes, his Logo for trouble. Once, he saw the girl to put nail polish on my toes, red colour stimulates his inspiration all at once, the red paint on the soles, and did not expect, the effect is surprisingly good, so far, pretty erotic terribly enthralling color would become a symbol of Christian Louboutin outlet, makes his rounds. In the interview, he describes the impulse: "red soles are like shoes coated with lipstick, people can't help but want to kiss, coupled with bare toes, even sexy. ”

Soon, red is all over the world, the Royal family of nobility in particular big stars stop Christian Louboutin sale, look through his client list: Monaco's Princess Caroline, and Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jesscia Parker, and Jennifer Lopez? As if there was a magic red soles, and make exquisite and delicate woman, woman exposed in front of men even more confident and sexy.

Either through his manufactured shoes for women will be in a comfortable feeling, which he used in his design with sharp contrast to express their ideas. Slender high heel, is Christian Louboutin discount red sole high heels labels, his experimental art is also unique in the field of design in leather shoes.

Today, the brand of Christian Louboutin shoes high heel priced at more than $ 500, customers still flocked to Tom Cruise for his one and half year old daughter even customized a pair, prices as high as $ 3,000, red shoe charm is evident.

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